Website strategy & plan

Why do you have a website? What are your goals & how will you achieve them? A website strategy set the direction of travel for your website & a plan helps you deliver it. 

Get your website working for you.


Website strategy & plan

Our strategies are designed to meet our client’s needs, after an initial call we will recommend what we think should be included in your website strategy.


  • Understanding your business & goals
  • Review your existing website
  • Competitor review
  • Audience research


Our strategies include:

  • Purpose of your website 
  • Target audience
  • Keyword list
  • Key messaging framework
  • How website content will be managed
  • Goals – 6 months, 1 year & 5 years
  • Content types
  • Website site structure
  • Top tasks of website
  • Target user journeys


Our plans are all about the detail! Your strategy has set the direction & now we are going to help you get there.

  • Website maintenance checklist
  • Content tracker
  • Publishing checklist
  • Website content style guide
  • Content templates
  • The detail of what should be on the different pages


We will provide support via email for 6 months & 4 zoom calls to help you implement your strategy & plan.

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Our process


This is our research phase where we get to know you, your audience & your competitors. 


Your strategy will give you a clear direction & goals for your website. 


Getting down to the nitty gritty detail. What content should be on your website & how it will be managed.


We will be available to support you as you get your website updated. 

  Who are website strategies for?

Website strategies work best if you are looking to make big changes to your website.


About to invest in a new website

It can be really tempting to jump straight in and start building your website. But that would be like starting to film a movie without any of the pre-production. If you aren’t clear on why you have a website & what it needs to achieve then the end result won’t live up to your expectations.

Your embarrassed about your website

Don’t worry we’ve all been there. Your strategy will be a bit like a therapy session, we will get to the bottom of the problem & come up with a plan to fix it.

Your website has become a content monster

It started off small but now you’ve got content everywhere, you may not even be sure how many pages you have. Lots of websites end up like this & it’s because there is no written strategy. You can’t say no to content if you don’t have a clear purpose for your website. Your strategy will help you overhaul your website & get it under control. And the best bit is we’ll help you get set up so it doesn’t happen again.

Not clear on why you have a website?

Every company needs a website, a statement we happen to agree with, but lots of businesses don’t work out why. Your website won’t help you meet your business goals if you aren’t clear on how it can support them. Your strategy will help you work this out & give you a plan to deliver it. 

How much does it cost?

After an initial discussion we’ll provide you with a fixed price quote for your strategy & plan. The price depends on the size of your website & what is included in the strategy.

Website facts

Bad experiences lose you customers

A single bad experience on a website makes users 88% less likely to visit the website again

Customers research businesses online

89% of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2B research process.

You have limited time

You have around 3 seconds to get someone’s attention and about 5 seconds to keep it

Person looking out of window planing

Why website strategies work

They set the vision for the future, so you have a clear path to follow. Yes the strategy tells you what to do but it also tell you what not to do. This helps you conserve time, energy & budget by focusing your efforts.


Frequently asked questions 

Will you make the changes to my website?

No, the cost of any changes required to your website is not included in the strategy & plan.

There is the option for us to provide you a quote for making the changes to the website, however this can’t be provided until the end of the strategy and planning phase.

Will I be given a fixed price for my strategy?

Yes we believe in being really clear at the start of a project how much it will cost you & what the deliverables will be.

We’ll send you a fixed price quote after our initial call.

Will I need a developer to make the changes?

You will probably need your developer to make changes to your website.  We don’t provide website development services. 

Do you write the new copy for me?

No we will provide you with detailed recommendations of what should be on each type of page. We are able to provide copywriting services, we can provide you with a rough quote for copywriting at the start of the project. The quote will be finalised at the end of the strategy phase as then we will know the number of pages your website will have going forward. 

What will I need to do?

We understand that everyone is busy. At the start of the project we will have an initial call & send you a survey to get some information on your business. You’ll also need to give us access to your Google Analytics account & website’s content management system.


How long will the changes take?

Our strategy process takes about 3 months. It is likely it will take you around 3 months to implement the changes or build a new website. 

Do I need to be working on a new website?

No but you do need to be willing to make major changes to your website. If you are looking to improve your existing website we’d recommend considering a website audit & plan.

I’m not sure which review is right for me?

If you’re not sure that’s cool just drop us an email to hello@pickandmixdigital.com. Let us know what your concerns and questions are.

We’ll recommend which service we think would be right for you. And no that won’t necessarily be the more expensive option – we don’t believe in selling for the sake of selling.

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