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Is your website getting you the clients & customers you want? Could it be working harder for you? Work with us to get your website meeting your business goals.

We have a range of different services from a quick review to an in-depth strategy. Not sure what will work best for you? Drop us an email.

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What we do

Getting your website working from quick reviews to detailed strategies. 

Homepage review

Your homepage is your shop window. We look for quick wins to improve it.

Website review

For quick areas for improvement that won’t cost your business lots to change.

Audit & improvement plan

Getting into the detail of your existing website. We’ll look at how your website is performing and areas for improvement. You also get a 12 week plan for making the changes & support via zoom calls & email. 

Strategy & plan

Looking to completely overhaul your website or if your current website just isn’t working for you a strategy is right for you.

Are websites important? 


Of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2B research process


Of consumers search for a product online before buying


Of people are less likely to visit your website again if they have a bad experience.

Why we are different 

We will make your website works hard, so you don’t have to!

Our approach focuses on making practical recommendations & giving you the information you need to make the changes.

We’ve combined our audits & strategies with plans & support packages to help you make the changes. We know a lot of businesses struggle to find the time to make the recommended changes which is why we support you to do this.

Frequently asked questions 

What will I need to do?

We understand that everyone is busy. We will be clear from the start how much time you will need to invest. As a minimum you will need to complete a getting to know you survey and give us access to your analytics. Don’t worry we send you a step by step guide on how to do this.

Do I need to be working on a new website?

No our homepage review, website review & website audit are for people looking to improve their existing website. If you are planning on doing a new website we’d recommend considering our website strategy.

I’m not sure which review is right for me?

If you’re not sure that’s cool just drop us an email to hello@pickandmixdigital.com. Let us know what your concerns and questions are.

We’ll recommend which service we think would be right for you. And no that won’t necessarily be the more expensive option – we don’t believe in selling for the sake of selling.

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