Website audit & plan

A pretty website won’t sell if it doesn’t work well & you don’t have the right content. Our audit identities areas for improvement & then we’ll support you to make the changes through a 12-week improvement plan.

Website audit

Our audits are designed to meet our client’s needs, after an initial call we will recommend what we think should be included in your website audit.

There are five areas of the audit:

  • Website performance
  • Technical performance
  • SEO performance
  • Content performance
  • Conversion performance

Once your audit is completed, you’ll receive a report with the findings and recommendations.

12- week improvement plan

All of our audits include a 12-week improvement plan to help you implement the recommended changes. We’ll send you over your plan and then we’ll go through it with you on a Zoom video call. To help keep you on track we will have 3 further zoom meetings & will be available to provide additional support via email.

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Tell us about you

Don’t panic!  We promise not to take up too much of your time. 

Get your audit & plan

We’ll send you the findings of our audit. After a meeting to go through the findings we’ll send you over your 12 week plan.

Implement your plan

We will have 3 zoom calls to support you & help you stay on track.  You will also be able to email us with any questions during the 12 weeks.

  Is your website performing?

89% of B2B researchers use the internet during the B2B research process. Websites are an essential part of the sales & marketing process. Buyers judge your business before they contact you. 


Know your current position

Find out how your website is currently performing, where you traffic is coming from & how much content you have. 

Have a robust website

Is your website up to date? Find out if you need to make any changes to your website to make sure it is secure & accurate. 

Improve user experience

Identify areas that aren’t working for your user. From unclear calls to actions, confusing user journeys and broken links. 

Spot new opportunities

Find new ways to improve the performance of your website. Generate ideas for new content or functionality. 

How much does it cost?

After an initial discussion we’ll provide you with a fixed price quote for your audit & improvement plan. The price depends on the size of your website & what is included in the audit.

Who should audit their website?

Our audits are for businesses who are looking to improve their existing websites.  We don’t just look at SEO we look at the whole picture of how your website is performing.

Your website isn’t performing

Is your website not helping your bottom line or is it giving your customers a bad first impression? 

An audit can help you identify areas for improvement

You feel overwhelmed

You know you need to improve your website but don’t know where to start.

An audit helps prioritise areas for improvement

You have limited time

You want to improve your website but you don’t have a lot of time to work on it.

An audit will identify areas to focus your attention.


Person looking out of window planing

Why we include a plan

You are far more likely to succeed if you have a plan in place.  Plus getting a report with lots of recommendations is great but only if you know how to implement them.  We’ve combined our audits with a 12-week plan & support package to help you meet your goals & avoid failure.

Frequently asked questions 

Will you make the changes to my website?

No, the cost of any changes required to your website is not included in the audit. We will provide you with a 12-week improvement plan with the different changes prioritised for you. We will provide you with support throughout the 12 weeks.

There is the option for us to provide you a quote for making the changes to the website, however this can’t be provided until the end of the audit.

Will I be given a fixed price for my audit?

Yes we believe in being really clear at the start of a project how much it will cost you & what the deliverables will be. 

We’ll send you a fixed price quote after our initial call. 

Why do you include a 12 week plan?

We’ve all received a great report with lots of recommendations which we keep meaning to get to. Or even worse it feels so overwhelming we keep putting it to the bottom of the pile.

We don’t want to just make recommendations we want to help you implement them, that’s why we’ve included a plan.


Every business has a different amount of resource which is why we tailor & prioritise your plan. If there are more recommendations than can be achieved in the 12 weeks we’ll provide the non-priority items as a separate list that can be worked on in the future.

Will I need a developer to make the changes?

Some of our recommended changes may need to be carried out by your developer. Those tasks will be clearly identified in your 12-week plan.

Will the changes be expensive?

We try to avoid making recommendations that will cost you a lot of money.

What will I need to do?

We understand that everyone is busy. At the start of the project we will have an initial call & send you a survey to get some information on your business. You’ll also need to give us access to your Google Analytics account & website’s content management system.

As part of getting to know you we will ask about roughly how much time a week you can dedicate to making the improvements to your plan or if there is budget to outsource. Your 12-week plan is bespoke so it will be tailored around this.

How long will the changes take?

We will aim to create you a 12-week plan that gets most of the changes made to your website, however some changes may take longer than this depending on the amount of resource you have available.

Why 12 weeks?

We find this is a good amount of time to keep everyone focused and is long enough to achieve a lot.

Do I need to be working on a new website?

No, our audit focuses on improving your existing website. If you are planning on doing a new website we’d recommend considering our website strategy.

I’m not sure which review is right for me?

If you’re not sure that’s cool just drop us an email to hello@pickandmixdigital.com. Let us know what your concerns and questions are.

We’ll recommend which service we think would be right for you. And no that won’t necessarily be the more expensive option – we don’t believe in selling for the sake of selling.

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