Homepage review

Does your homepage make a good first impression? Get your homepage reviewed and find out

Your homepage review looks at

  • Is it clear what the company does?
  • Is it clear who it is for?
  • Does it establish credibility?
  • What are the tops tasks/ main links?
  • Is there a clear call to action?

You’ll receive a report with our findings and recommendations. We’ll then have a 15-minute Zoom call where we’ll talk through the findings and you can ask us any questions.

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Complete a short survey

Don’t panic! It won’t take you long to complete. We just want to know a bit about you to help us give you the best review. 

Get your report

We’ll send you a short report with our findings & recommendations. This will be followed by a 15 minute zoom call to answer any of your questions. 

Update your homepage

Make the recommended changes & get your homepage working for you.

Are you losing customers?

Your customers will form an opinion of your business within 0.5 seconds of looking at your website.


Does your homepage clearly tell potential customers who you are and how they can do business with you?  If not, you are losing potential customers.

Your homepage review will help you give people a better first impression of your business.


How much does it cost?

Frequently asked questions 

Will you make the changes to my homepage?

No, the review provides you with clear ideas of how to improve your website. We try to focus on quick wins & simple fixes so that you can easily make the changes yourself.

Will I need a developer to make the changes?

We try to make all of our recommendations based on what you should be able to change by yourself. But we can’t promise that you won’t need your developer to do the work as it depends how you have set up your website.

Will the changes be expensive?

For our homepage reviews we focus on content changes that should be quick and easy to make. If we spot something that could be changed but would require website development or design changes, we will make this clear in our feedback to you.

I’m not sure which review is right for me?

If you’re not sure that’s cool just drop us an email to hello@pickandmixdigital.com. Let us know what your concerns and questions are.

We’ll recommend which service we think would be right for you. And no that won’t necessarily be the more expensive option – we don’t believe in selling for the sake of selling.

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