Strategic content plan

Focus on producing the right content. Our strategic content plan focuses on why you are creating content & your audience needs. We then provide you with a 6-month editorial calendar full of great content ideas.

Your content plan

A 6-month editorial calendar that provides the content type, topic, audience, purpose, title and overview of what should be created.

We start with strategy looking at:

  • Target audience
  • Goals
  • Metrics
  • Your competitors
  • SEO
  • Content themes – we recommend 4 or 5
  • Content types to use
  • Purpose of content
  • Content tools

Then we create your 6-month editorial calendar.

Your plan is tailored to your business goals & budget. You can also choose what channels you want your plan to cover including website, blog, social media channels & paid advertising.

Book a call to discuss your goals & we can recommend which channels to focus on.


Your 6-month support package

  • 2 x zoom calls
  • Email support
Person working on laptop

Tell us about you

We want our plan to work for you so we will spend some time getting to know you & your business. We’ll kick off with a zoom video call.

Your plan

We’ll create you a strategy & a 6-month content plan with lots of ideas to meet your business goals.

Implement your plan

We will have 2 zoom calls over the 6 months to support you with your plan. We also offer email support through the 6 months.

  Why have a strategic content plan

Having a documented content marketing plan makes you far more likely to succeed (65% vs 14%).


Understand why

We focus on the why you are creating content before we look at what content you should produce.  

Create the right content

We don’t focus on how to write content instead we look at what content will best meet your goals

Spot new opportunities

Find new topics for your content & new ways to share your message. We’ll tell you quick & easy ways to create content you may have thought was out of your budget.

Get ahead

By having a clear editorial calendar, you can be one step ahead. No more panicking about not having published content & having to think of something on the spot.

How much does it cost?

After an initial discussion we’ll provide you with a fixed price quote for your strategic content plan. The price depends on the number of channels & amount of content.

Who should get a strategic content plan?

You feel overwhelmed

Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, videos & guides, you’ve got lots of ideas but don’t know how to make it work.

Our content plan will take all of your ideas & pull it into a plan that will help you achieve your goals.

You have limited time

You know you should be posting on your digital channels, but you just don’t have the time to come up with the ideas.

Our plan will work out what content you should be posting and when.

Your content is done ad hoc

You do content when you can.

We will create your content plan & give you a framework to be posting content regularly.


Person looking out of window planing

Why we include strategy as part of your plan

We don’t believe in creating content without knowing why! Creating content without a clear purpose & target audience won’t meet your business goals.

Without a strategy you are wasting time, money & resource.

Frequently asked questions 

Do you create the content for us?

Your content plan doesn’t include the creation of content. We are able to provide copywriting & social media services and can provide you with a quote for this.

What type of content is included in the plan?

Our plans are based on your needs. During the getting to know you phase we will ask you about the types of content you are able to create & budget available for outsourcing. For example if you don’t have the budget to create video we won’t include it.

Why isn’t the price fixed?

We don’t offer a fixed price as we tailor this to your needs. It depends on the number of channels you have and the area you want to focus on.

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