Campaign planning

A digital campaign focused on meeting your goals & your audience’s needs. Our campaign plans are bespoke & can be across multiple channels or on just one channel depending on your needs.

Your campaign

Campaigns are designed to meet our client’s needs, after an initial call we will recommend what we think should be included in your campaign.

All of our campaigns include:

  • Campaign concept
  • Campaign strategy & plan
  • Content calendar
  • Measurement plan

Your campaign is tailored to your business goals & budget. You can also choose what channels you want your campaign to cover including website, blog, social media channels & paid advertising.

Book a call to discuss your goals & we can recommend which channels your campaign should focus on.

Empty planner on desk


This is our research phase where we get to know you, your audience & your competitors. 


Your strategy will give you a clear direction & goals for your campaign. 


Getting down to the nitty gritty detail. What content should be included in your campaign & a detailed content planner.


Have a clear plan to measure the results of your campaign ROI.

  Why get a campaign plan?

Having a campaign plan makes sure your content is focused on meeting your goals & will help you succeed.


Choose the right channels

Make sure you are using the right channels to reach your audience.

Be consistent

Make sure you are using the same messaging across multiple channels.

Make the most of your content

We specialise in maximising the value of all of the content you are producing for your campaign. We will identify as many ways as possible to get you the best ROI, including highlighting PR opportunities.

Spot new opportunities

Through our research phase we will look to generate ideas of content & channels you should be using.

How much does it cost?

After an initial discussion we’ll provide you with a fixed price quote for your campaign. The price depends on the number of channels & amount of content.

Who should get a strategic content plan?

You feel overwhelmed

Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, videos & guides, you’ve got lots of ideas but don’t know how to make it work.

Our campaign plan will take all of your ideas & pull it into a plan that will help you achieve your goals.

You have limited time

You have a great product or service , but you just don’t have the time to come up with the ideas to create a campaign. 


Your previous campaigns didn't work


Don’t panic we will look over the results of your campaign in our research phase. 

We’ll look into your audience & what they’re engaging with online & then create a new plan for you. 


Why we include a measurement plan

If you don’t measure you don’t know what worked & what didn’t. All of our campaigns have clear goals which we will help you track & evaluate.

Our measurement plan helps you evaluate the ROI of your campaign & focus your future campaigns.

Frequently asked questions 

Do you create the content for us?

Your content plan doesn’t include the creation of content. We are able to provide copywriting & social media services and can provide you with a quote for this.

What type of content is included in the campaign?

Our campaigns are based on your needs. During the getting to know you phase we will ask you about the types of content you are able to create & budget available for outsourcing. For example if you don’t have the budget to create video we won’t include it.

Why isn’t the price fixed?

We don’t offer a fixed price as we tailor this to your needs. It depends on the number of channels you have and the area you want to focus on.

Do I need a paid advertising budget?

No, we can create an organic focused campaign however this will limit the reach and targeting options of your campaign. Unless you have a good existing email list or a large engaged following on social media we would recommend including paid budget as part of your campaign. Your paid budget does not have to be large & can be increased as the campaign rolls out based on performance.

Can you guarantee results?

No, we can give you expected results once the adverts have been set up but as we don’t control the platform algorithms we can’t guarantee results.

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